Welcome to the Outlaws Players website!

We are a group of players who love the classic "LucasArts Outlaws" game! We currently have a facebook group where we welcome our new members, post games, share memories, pics, and thoughts about the game. Please come join our group and let us know what you love most about the game! There are a number of us who still play singleplayer & multiplayer to this day and we are always looking to welcome new or veteran players to our group.

Please remember this is a very old game and it does take a bit of work to be able to join a multiplayer game. I have placed all the basic info you will need for getting setup on the Info page, but if you're still having issues we have smart reliable members who are more than willing to help you get setup! If you are interested in the multiplayer aspect of the game then come join our discord group where we chat and get our games setup (Link is at the bottom of the page - Discord button)!

This website was created for the purpose of helping you find what you need for the game. All the files needed, the links to our groups, links to the GOG page to purchase the game, and a place where we can post new maps (yes people are still creating new maps for the game) and old maps as well. I will also try to have all the information you'll need for setting up your PC to run multiplayer if that is something you're interested in. Thanks for stoppin' by!

Want to see some Outlaws Memes? Click the link below!